Demo Zambian Music

The Fair Music Platform

User-centric - Decentralized streaming

The ownership economy sustains a world in which those who create the value also capture the value.

Zambia’s music is a mixture of traditional, African, western, and contemporary sounds with influences from Zambia’s different traditional groups, music from other African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa, and music from Jamaica and American genres.

The Fair Music Platform makes it possible for everybody who is involved in creating all this fantastic music to be paid according to the value that they create. We believe that this can spark a revolution in the global music industry that will provide resources enabling creators to produce more music and make a living off their work. Furthermore, it will promote easy sharing of cultural expressions both locally and worldwide. 

A consortium of 3 different organizations presents the Fair Music Platform: The International Music Council, a professional organization focused on promoting the value of music in all peoples; New Internet Media, a technology company dedicated to developing internet-based solutions for music creators. SKAP was founded in 1926 and is a membership association for music creators in Sweden with approximately 1,600 professional members – mostly active music creators and composers across all genres with members like Max Martin, Robyn, and Benny Andersson (ABBA).  The project is, in effect, the result of many years of discussion and advocacy at national, European, and international levels about the rights of music creators, in particular concerning fair remuneration and recognition.